Mozsi Gabor/Rockstar Photographers


The Sziget 2015 aftermovie has just arrived! Sit back and watch the best moments of the Island of Freedom!

Sziget has just released the aftermovie that was made of the most memorable momets of the festival this year. The almost 9 minutes long video includes not only shootings of the concerts but also those programs that make the Island of Freedom so special.

Sziget has found itself in a pioneer role ever since its first edition in 1993 – the Island of Freedom is one of the best-known and most international festivals today, taking its own path and highlighting the fact that it’s a lot more than just a sequence of concerts. Non-musical programs are at least as important for the organizers as the main stage acts therefore Sziget is more special compare to the other festivals in the world. The 2015 festival welcomed visitors from a total of 95 countries and invited artists from 50 countries to perform – probably the Sziget has been one of the most international places on Earth that week.

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(photo: Mozsi Gabor/Rockstar Photographers


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