John Bradley attanded the screening of Traders

Audi Dublin International Filmfestival presented Traders on Saturday, with actors Killian Scott, Nika McGuigan and John Bradley. 

Audi Dublin International Filmfestival started on 18th of February with the European premiere of Sing Street. On Saturday night another Irish movie, 'Traders' was screened at Light House Cinema. Directors (Rachael Moriarty, Peter Murphy) and actors Killian Scott, Nika MyGuigan, John Bradley also attended the event. - Bradley is known for playing Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones television series.

Photo: Nora Pogonyi - John Bradley

Photo: Nora Pogonyi - John Bradley

Traders tell the story of Harry Fox (Killian Scott) who seems to have it all, the luxury apartment, the fancy car but when the compan he works for goes bust it looks likehe will lose everything. A solution is offered by Vernon Stynes (John Bradley) who has masterminded a diabolical, all-or-nothing scheme based in the Deep Web, called Trading. Two strangers empty their bank accounts, sell their assets, put their entire worth in cash into a green sports bag. They travel to a remote location and fight to the death. Winner buries the loser and walks away twice as rich. Vernon believes Trading is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to get rich quick. Can Harry resist the lure of a such a high - risk gamble? It's dangerous, it's illegal, but it could solve all his problems.

Traders will be released in cinemas nationwide on 11th March.

The Audi Dublin International Film Festival runs until “Oscars” night of February 28th, when it closes with Paddy Breathnach’s Viva. Additional informations regarding the programms and tickets HERE.


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